Shedful Experience

This weekend has been about the dozenth time my mother and I have cleaned up our shed and work area. Each time we do, something, or someone happens to it to make it look as if there has been a tornado run through the place.

The reason for the latest disaster was the inundation of rain we have had in the past months causing the water to rise too high on the outside of the shed and seep into it. Luckily, we managed to move all of the beautiful chair frames, other furniture, upholstering equipment and materials in time before damage was done to any of it. It did mean we were up to our knees in mud digging a bigger gutter on the outside, though. It also meant that all the hundred or so thoroughly organised and carefully stored furniture was now strewn over any dry place we could find.

A few weeks later, dry and clean, we move the stock back into it’s home and I am thanking myself for labelling each storage bay with the item number and style, so replacing was a reasonably straight forward procedure (apart from the impatience of my assisting husband who would have rather been watching soccer, luckily my persistence trumps his impatience). My mother’s studio gallery is also taking shape and her hand painted cushions are now being placed on Ebay (To Do: 1. List cushions on Ebay…).

Now I really should get back into the real work, but there is always something else to do, like making labels and reference sheets for the boxes and boxes of fabrics so that we can see at a glance which specific material is in which box so I don’t have to waste precious time looking for ‘those 3 pieces of coordinating material with the big roses, small roses and stripes’ (…so far found big and small roses, no stripes as yet).

Also preventing me from the ‘real work’ is the planning and all the Ideas. I have been thinking about other possible things we could create, like iPhone pouches and fabric covered magazine boxes and lever arch folders. I have been making these for myself after being inspired by shops like Kikki K and Typo, but not finding exactly what I was looking for. It has been so much fun, and instantly gratifying, unlike the chairs which tend to take at least 4 days wo to go rather than the hour to create some beautiful and practical office-ware.

But I digress, ‘Princess’, the rose detailed, champagne coloured bedroom carver chair, will be on the market by the end of the week, I will miss her, but I need to move on. The retro furniture that Ryan and I are doing is begging to be completed and sent out to find new homes. Orange, red and black tub chairs with graphic upholstery, very cool!

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