Upcycling and Painting a Bedhead

I want a bedhead to match the bedsides I’m taking to the market. I find an old one in storage with legs that suit. I take it to the shed and start work. I really only need the legs, as they have the same turning as my bedsides. So I start pulling it apart. I am going to upholster it, so the spindles and the board in the centre are superfluous. I could leave them where they are but that would be a total waste! I will find a use for them another day, everything gets upcycled in our shed.

I paint the legs with Porters Milk Paint in Oyster White to match the bedsides. Then I stand back and wonder what is missing. I crack open the Porters Venetian Glaze and stipple it over the legs and bedsides. It imparts a beautiful antique gloss that exactly matches the satin upholstery fabric.

While I’m waiting for paint to dry. I start thinking what I can make with the pieces I took off the bedhead. The bedhead is sentimental to my mother as she painted it with her friend Marie who is no longer with us. By keeping these pieces and repurposing them, a disused piece of furniture still in great (and now perfect) condition, doesn’t lay idle in storage and mum gets to hold onto something precious to her.

When I am upcycling I don’t use more than I need to. One piece can become many if you use a bit of creativity.


Come back to see me finish the head board and turn the repurposed bits and pieces into something new.