Continued: The Porters Milk Paint is great…

The Porters Milk Paint is great. Everything we were looking for. A beautiful velvety finish and the perfect shade of white. A lot of work in preperation, and quite expensive but worth every minute and penny. Milk Paint was first used in the 18th and 19th centuries on Shaker furniture. It instantly softens and ages the look of new furniture. It is made from milk by-products mixed with powdered oxide pigment to produce subtle, mellow colours and the perfect look for some of our vintage chairs. And as it is basically made from milk it is environmentally friendly.

It is certainly different to any other paint we have used in the past and what sent us down this path was the desire to find the perfect finish and also a more environmentally friendly solution. Paints contain petroleum based solvents or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). You can get some paints without VOCs, at a premium cost of course. I just wish there was more emphasis put on the importance of the air that we breath than cost of production and profit margins. I’d like to see the paint and print industry take the issue of VOCs more seriously, there are other methods that provide the same, if not better, results but greed disillusions inovation and skews the way we see the cost of a product and the value of the result.

VOCs evaporate as paint dries, creating that familiar smell of ‘fresh’ paint – deep inhale, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. That is the smell of your new baby’s bedroom walls’ footprint joining the estimated 80,000 tonnes of VOCs annually released into Australia’s atmosphere. VOCs contribute to the pollution of the lower atmosphere and the degradation of our ozone layer. By CHOOSING not to use paints and printing methods with VOCs, you can send a message to the paint and print companies. You can reduce your greenhouse footprint and simultaneously benefit your family with advantages like decrease of asthma and allergic sensitisation. And the results can be beautiful too. DO IT!