My Mum’s Online?

Balance is disturbed; my mum is online. It only took us four and a half hours of domain name deliberation with name suggestions such as (joke) and (serious), neither of which actually match what she does which is artwork. We felt we were onto a winner with but we finally decided to go with This of course was the first name that we suggested, but the tempremental artist didn’t like that. At least now someone might actually be able to find her!

Milk Paint Madness

I may be making a milk paint masterpiece, but not if I can’t find the paint!

I can never do anything by halves and the trial and error of finding the perfect paint is perfectly painful. Porters Paints is possibly the pick of the pot – albeit a touch exxy. There is the Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co. – I wonder if they use old fashioned methods of delivery? It might take a while for the pigeon to get here from Massachusetts. And so the search continues…